A blokart is a 3-wheel kart with a sail. 

As with dingy sailing all its power comes from the wind. The sail is designed in such a way that it captures the wind and transfers the power into forward motion.

Controling a blokart is very simple. Control comes from the handle bar and the sheet rope which determines the angle of your sail. Because it is so easy to operate, even young children feel confident quite quickly.

One of the most amazing features of a Blokart is that is fits neatly into it's own carry / storage bag. The bag, is less that 1.2 meters in length which means it fits into the boot of the average car.

The bag will contain every piece of the Blokart, including the sail which also has it's own bag.

Blokart are a one design format which means any kart can be used for recreation or competiton. Yes, competiton. Not everyone who buys a blokart will want to get involved in racing, but it is there for those who want it.

As the karts are so manoeuvrable they can be used in smaller spaces that other wind powerd sports.


Blokart is an engineering excellence with extreme manoeuvrability and due to its small size can be used anywhere.

For people seeking speed it is best sailed on beaches but can be used in car parks and recreation grounds.  Developed by Paul Beckett in 1999 in New Zealand, Paul was inspired to build a serious wind powered toy that was fun, fast and compact.

For small beginnings the blokart community has now grown worldwide with events taken place in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, America and Europe including UK and Ireland.

Ages 7 – 70 years take part in the great thrill of blokart sailing with the blokart being one design to fit all.

Here at Blokart Club Ireland we are very much family orientated with club meetings taking place on a monthly basis